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Urban management consists of the management of all required activities and interventions in the public space to ensure the effective day-to-day functioning and upliftment of an urban community.  Several models have been developed to achieve this through active precinct management.  One such model is based on the establishment and management of a City Improvement District (CID).

The CID model aims at preventing the degeneration and consequential urban decay of cities, towns or precincts by facilitating their upliftment, economic growth and sustainable development through:

  • Enhancing and supplementing the municipal services
  • Facilitating investment in the CID through business attraction and retention
  • Facilitating a co-operative approach between the City and the private sector in the provision of municipal services
  • Halting the degeneration and facilitating the upliftment of distressed areas
  • Identifying projects that promote economic development, create employment opportunities and contribute to the overall sustainable development of communities in and around the CID