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Core Functions & Services





Our company mission is to exceed expectations

  • Facilitation of collaborative and collective solutions
  • Institutional architecture – facilitation and setting up of appropriate fit-for-purpose institutional arrangements
  • Funding mobilisation from private and public sectors, i.e. NDP and municipal grants
  • Facilitation of master and precinct planning
  • Educational awareness of local municipalities to facilitate partnership establishment
  • Service provision management
  • Capacity and relationship building with service providers
  • Marketing and place management


SP&P strongly aligns itself with the notion that powerful partnerships, together with an implementor such as SP3 are key to addressing challenges, opportunities and implementing successful projects. The power of partnerships lies in:

  • A collaborative way of working
  • Building partnerships and networks
  • Information and knowledge sharing
  • Mutual support and accountability
  • Creating synergies for enhanced impact
  • Working together despite differences
  • New ways of thinking and doing
  • Good governance and ethical behaviour



City Improvement District (CID) management entails a range of activities focussed on implementing the approved business plan within the agreed budget, developing a healthy relationship with the property owners and developing a strong working relationship between the CID and the local authority and their utility departments.


  • Managing service providers attending to safety and security, cleaning and landscaping, maintenance, infrastructure co-ordination and installation
  • Marketing, promotion and event management
  • Research, strategy and planning
  • Communication and information dissemination amongst the members and the local authority
  • Beautification and development of the public areas


Riverside Park CID

First envisioned in the early 1990s by township developer H.L. Hall & Sons Properties, Riverside Park City Improvement District (CID) has since become the leading CID and destination of choice in Mpumalanga. Riverside Park CID offers a complete lifestyle package for business owners and consumers alike with a convenient and vibrant mix of residential and tourist accommodation, an impressive array of high-end motor-related services, a staggering variety of shops and retailers as well as exciting indoor and outdoor leisure options. Its world-class status is the result of extraordinary vision, precise planning, relationship building and the continued application of the latest international research and training. Each new phase of the development was and still is a carefully planned process, from land acquisition and tenant placement to architecture and design, from construction and aesthetics to landscaping and maintenance.

Riverside Industrial CID

A public-private partnership, as with all CIDs in South Africa, Riverside Industrial CID was established in April 2015 to provide supplementary services to the local municipality, the City of Mbombela Local Municipality. Property owners within the Riverside Industrial geographic area voted to invest collectively to improve the physical and social environment ensuring the sustainability and growth of the area. Riverside Industrial CID delivers projects that add value to the existing offering for all types of businesses in the area. The main areas of focus are on public safety and security, cleaning and litter collection, as well as the upliftment and maintenance of public space, such as sidewalks and curb sides, when necessary. Other services include the marketing of the area, achieving a higher footfall in order to retain existing and attract new business, as well as being a powerful voice of communication for both the property owners and businesses in the CID.
Riverside Industrial CID strives to create an attractive and safe area that visitors want to spend time in.
The CID’s core objective is to create and maintain a safer, cleaner and enhanced urban experience with improved economic vitality

SP3 is a Project Development and Management company with the primary objective of alleviating poverty and the upliftment of underprivileged communities in the Lowveld Region of the Mpumalanga Province, South Africa.
Established in 2018, SP3 has been instrumental in conceptualizing, formulating and implementing projects focussed on enterprise development and job creation initiatives,, resource-poor farmer support, rural development, sustainable urban management, as well as general consulting and project facilitation.

Gateway Lowveld Precinct

The historical Halls Farmstall and the surrounding area, including the filling station, was established by the original landowner, HL Hall and Sons, in 1918. The Gateway Lowveld Precinct Association (GPA), now managed by Spaces Places & Partnerships, was established in 2018 together with the sale of a portion thereof (which is to be developed as a drive-through fast food restaurant). In 2019, Shell bought the portion comprising the filling station, becoming the third member of the GPA. Halls Properties remains the owner of the rest of the site.
Mataffin, the area within the Gateway Lowveld precinct is situated, is legendary as the original settlement of the region’s first full-time farmers, HL Hall & Sons.
It has a rich history, from transport riders making their way through the area on their way to Maputo (then Lourenco Marques) and mining settlements in the region to livestock farmers bringing their cattle down from the escarpment to graze in the winter.
In the early years, the Farm served as a stop-over for travellers to rest. This tradition has continued over the years, with Gateway Lowveld now the modern version of this, being a stop to refuel and rest for travellers on route to the Kruger National Park, the Lowveld’s other amazing attractions and Mozambique.

The area’s strong trade and transport links with Mozambique, following the development of the Maputo Corridor, led to the N4 becoming a major trade, transport, and tourism route through the Lowveld.
The perfect location of Gateway Lowveld provides tourists, motorists, and businesspeople with a convenient, attractive and accessible stop-over en route to their destination.