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Registered in 2009, SP&P has focussed on urban management, specifically the establishment and management of City Improvement Districts (CIDs) in the City of Mbombela (Nelspruit). The Riverside Park and Riverside Industrial CIDs are examples of the standard of precinct management provided in this fast-growing mixed-use node. With the recent inclusion of project management capacity (under the auspices of SP3), the Company is embarking on an expansion in the region and further afield, providing a range of services.

Sustainable partnerships between the private and public sector to manage the public space is key to making a difference and adding value to precincts, towns, and cities. Ample evidence exists in both South Africa and internationally proving that these partnerships successfully transform spaces into vibrant, exciting, safe, and clean places that create value in all aspects.

We have a passion for urban management and making a difference on the ground in neighbourhoods, precincts, villages, towns, and cities through fostering and cementing partnerships that result in strong and sustainable urban management structures and programmes.


Our vision is to create, unlock and protect value through transforming urban spaces into inclusive vibrant places, through partnerships and by empowering the communities on the journey to realise their own possibilities.

We accomplish this by working with property owners in a designated area or precinct, to establish a formal partnership with the local authority in terms of the relevant enabling legislation. In Mbombela the relevant legislation is a specific bylaw for the establishment and management of CIDs, with the CID subsequently providing a range of services to augment the municipal services in the public space.


  • Facilitation of collaborative and collective solutions
  • Institutional architecture – facilitation and setting up of appropriate fit-for-purpose institutional arrangements
  • Funding mobilisation from private and public sectors, i.e., NDP and municipal grants
  • Facilitation of urban master and precinct planning
  • Educational awareness of local municipalities to facilitate partnership establishment
  • Service provision management
  • Capacity and relationship building with service providers
  • Marketing and place management

Meet Our Team

Our business is about people. People in the business and people out of our business. Getting them to see the future of what can be if we understand, respect and work together collectively, focussed on a common and shared vision. That’s when the magic happens!

We have a small, dedicated team, which is supported and governed by an experienced Board of Directors.

James Aling


Shivon Wiggins


Jessica Prim


Lucia Ngobeni


Clint Wesley


Ronel de Bruin



Anne Steffny is currently a Director of Johannesburg Inner City Partnership previously known as (The Central Johannesburg Partnership), a special purpose vehicle established in 1996 to enable and manage various urban management and urban regeneration partnerships between The City of Johannesburg, Business, and community in the Inner City of Johannesburg. Having retired in 2010, she was, for many years, a director and shareholder of Kagiso Urban management, a company dedicated to the establishment and management of City Improvement Districts and sustainable Urban Management Institutions across Johannesburg. She now consults and mentors’ communities throughout S.A, wishing to implement sustainable Urban Management Solutions and Partnerships and is working, together with others, to establish an international network of CIDs. After more than 10 years’ service, she has just retired from the Board of the International Downtown Association (USA). Her passion is to work with both the public and private sector towards the development of “Special Places” and the sustainable Urban Management thereof.

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