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SP&P strongly aligns itself with the notion that powerful partnerships are key to addressing challenges, opportunities and implementing successful projects. The power of partnerships lies in:

  • A collaborative way of working
  • Building partnerships and networks
  • Information and knowledge sharing
  • Mutual support and accountability
  • Working together despite differences
  • New ways of thinking and doing
  • Good governance and ethical behaviour

It is for this reason that SP&P was instrumental in the establishment and management of the Mbombela Economic Development Partnership (MEDP), a partnership between the City of Mbombela and the private sector, which aims to stimulate economic growth in the Mbombela region.

The Vision of the MEDP

The vision of the MEDP is to provide an independent platform for collaborative partnerships between the private and public sector thereby creating an enabling environment for facilitating economic development and investment in Mbombela to become a “City of Excellence and Opportunity.”

The Mission of
the MEDP

The MEDP’s mission is to utilise partnerships to drive a more collaborative approach to economic development. This means working with the City of Mbombela Local Municipality (COMLM) to pursue its strategic economic objectives in partnership with the business community. It includes stimulating the economy by focussing on creating an enabling environment that will attract private sector support and investment, stimulate economic activity that will lead to increased job creation, skills transfer, youth and small business development, resource resilience, liveable and safe community development; all in order to drive the City’s vision of a “City of Excellence and Opportunity”.

The Objectives of the MEDP

Champion the common, shared vision for COMLM

Act as an independent consultative forum that endeavours to address the needs and challenges of economic development of COMLM

Provide independent guidance and support to COMLM policy and strategy in terms of effectively developing and implementing programmes

Identify and support appropriate partnerships aimed at enabling the delivery of agreed policy, strategy, programmes and projects

Facilitate inward investment and research into the region to support the identified initiatives and projects

Establish formal partnerships in line with the objectives of the organisation’s programmes and initiatives

The Role and Functions of the MEDP

Mobilisation and establishing partnerships for specific projects and programmes

Bringing public, private and other sectors and stakeholders together around common causes and development objectives

Coordination and facilitation of spatial, sector and project interventions

Drive and support projects focussing on particular issues, areas and opportunities within the City to address inhibitors and enablers to facilitate economic growth and development

Communication, Promotion, Intelligence Distribution

Guide decision-making and direct resources into workable solutions for economic and social challenges through research, information, analysis and distribution

Marketing and promotion activities related to the strategic aims of the COMLM and the region

Stimulate investment and trade into the region

Facilitate dialogue between key stakeholders

In its role as a neutral partner, the MEDP will encourage all sectors and stakeholders to present their issues to forge collaborative solutions or re-direct to other partner entities or forums